Star Fut Camp 2021 from Intención Deportiva on Vimeo.

The second generation of Star Fut Camp was held from the 5th to the 16th of July of 2021, in the Instituto Mater School.

With 10 days of camp and around 65 hours of entertainment and fun, more than 200 kids assisted to the event. They enjoyed from learning, and having fun with the activities.

In this generation we had special guests who talked to the kids about different topics like nutrition, dental health, diesel knowledge, etc. Also we had the participation of different guests like Mago Hoffman, brotherupskills, Juninho and Maximiliano Meza, who were talking and answering questions to the kids..

We had the presence of different sponsors such as: Grupo Orsan, Pocari Sweat, Buffalo Wild Wings, TotalPlay, Movem, Open, La mensajeria y Bahuer.


Special Guests & Fun