This 4th edition of Star Fut Camp took place from July 3 to July 14, 2023, at the Sporti Club facilities.

There were 10 days of camp, with more than 60 hours of training and fun. We had the attendance of more than 200 children who had a lot of learning, coexistence and fun under the guidance of the experts: Damian Alvarez and Aldo de Nigris.

In this generation we had guests who gave the children valuable talks such as the importance of children's rights. Also in this edition we were accompanied by different surprise guests such as: Guido Pizarro and Celso Ortiz who were talking and answering questions to the children.

We had the presence of different sponsors such as: Buffalo Wild Wings,Gatorade, Voit, Mobil, Municipio de San Pedro, Caty Pastelerías, Financiera Mexi and Bahuer Sports.


Special Guests & Fun